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With the great demand for the SPY, we have two possibilities for those seeking new or additional work:

1. Become an independent sales representative.

We receive many more requests for demonstration (which almost always leads to a sale) than we can handle with our present resources. Join us and we will supply you with training and leads. There is good commission to be earned. You require on your part: some familiarity with the inside of factories, willingness to travel around and demonstrate (we show you how), and the deposit (returnable instantly, should you want to give up) on the demonstration equipment. If you already are selling small industrial equipment, so much the better.

2. Offer a service with the SPY.

Smaller factories and hospitals frequently ask us if we can recommend someone to check out their establishment with the SPY. Perhaps you already operate a maintenance service. Perhaps you even already offer to find leaks, but with less sensitive equipment you can offer only a second-class service. Or you want to start from scratch. Even if the cash is short, with leasing, the SPY will cost monthly only about as much as you can bill for four hours' work with it. We will train you well, and we will include you on our list, for when we receive enquiries. The government is currently pushing the elimination of compressed air leaks (The Carbon Trust), so awareness of this problem is being rapidly increased.

In both of the above possibilities, there is a small downside. Contact us. We will tell you about that too. But the positive aspects outweigh this by far.

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